You can access your child's school information by creating a PowerSchool account. Once you create an account you can use any web browser or Android or iOS app to access the information. Before starting you will need the student access information. You can request this from the ISLA Office if you do not have it or need help with the access information. 

To create an account go to the PowerSchool Portal and click on Create Account. 

Enter in the parent information and the access information provided to you by the school. Each parent can have their own account, just repeat the Create Account steps for each parent. Once all the information is entered, click Enter. 

If you get an error that the email address is already in use, that means an account has already been created for you. Please do NOT create another account with a different email. Instead either follow the steps to recover your username and password or contact the ISLA Office for assistance. 

After successfully creating an account, login with the new account you created. 

You can now access the ISLA PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you have multiple students at ISLA, you can add the additional students from within the ISLA PowerSchool Parent Portal once you are logged in by clicking on Account Preferences, Students, Add. 

The same account you have created will also work with the Android and iOS applications.