To share Google calendars follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Google email account with your web browser. Click on the "Calendar" tab at top of your window.

2. When your calendar displays, click on the gear icon  on the right-hand side and choose "Settings"

3. Within you calendar settings, click on the Calendars link

4. From the Calendars Settings page, click on your name. This will bring you too the details page for your calendar. From here you need to click on "Share this Calendar"


5. From the calendars Details page you may select whom you'd like to share your calendar with. In the "Share with specific people" choose the person and then be sure to add the permission setting.

6. Which ever option you choose above, you'll need to apply permissions.

See all event details: This setting provides view-only access. People with this access can view all events and their details, but they will not be able to add, remove, or change events.

Make changes to events: This setting provides edit access, as well. People can create and edit events, too.

See free/busy information: This setting is not supported by Google Apps Sync and therefore won't share the calendar with Outlook users.This setting shows other Google Calendar users your free/busy information, without providing any event details within the Google mail on your web browser.

For more information on sharing a Google calendar, Click here.